Virginia Commonwealth University - Department of Mathematics
VCU Math Placement Test
Read ALL of this page before taking the test!
This test is only for first-year and transfer students who are about to start their first semester at VCU in Fall 2020.

All First Year students must take this test.

Transfer students are only required to take the math placement test if they have not completed a math course within three years or if their math transfer credit is not at least the equivalent to MATH-141 Algebra with Applications (college algebra) at VCU.

If you have already completed or started any course at VCU and need a math placement score, you must instead take the ALEKS Placement Assessment.

The purpose of this test is to measure your current math skill to place you into an appropriate course.
This test does not award credit or exempt you from a math requirement.  

If you require any accommodations to take this placement test, please email prior to taking the test to make appropriate arrangements.
There are two parts of the test:   Algebra and Trigonometry.  If your Algebra score is high enough, you will continue to the Trigonometry part.  There is also an optional practice test available that you may take before starting the test.

You may take this test only once.

Each part of the test will end 75 minutes after you start it. You may not pause the timer. Make sure you are prepared to take the test for 75 minutes without interruption before starting.  The average time students have taken to complete each part is about 45 minutes.

Make sure you are on a reliable internet connection.  Close all other programs on your computer.  Close all other browser windows and tabs. 

You may not re-take this test for any reason.  If you have any trouble that prevents you from finishing the test or you are unhappy with your placement, you may take the ALEKS Placement Assessment on campus.

If you have a problem with your computer or internet connection after you start the test, you may exit and re-enter the test on the same computer or on another computer within 75 minutes of starting.

Each part of the test will end 75 minutes after you start it.
You are on your honor when taking the test.  You may use paper and pencil to work the problems, as well as a scientific or graphing calculator as long as it doesn't have a symbolic algebra system. 
You should not receive help from others, or use books or other resources such as web sites for help.  
Don't cheat!

If you place into a course that is beyond your ability, you'll earn low grades or have to withdraw.

This test does not award credit or exempt you from a math requirement.
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Please include the "V" at the beginning of your ID.
Enter your Last Name:
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as it is shown in your acceptance letter.

  • If you have questions about Math Placement that require academic advising, please call the University Academic Advising front desk at 804-827-8648.
  • If this web site is not functioning correctly, email
    Please include your name and Student ID number and details about your problem.
    The technical contact cannot provide your student ID number, grant a time extension for the test, or allow you to retake the test.
  • The VCU Help Desk is not able to assist you with the VCU Mathematics Placement Test.